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'Interviewing Skills Training Videos'

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Interviewing Skills Training Videos

Below is a collection of interviewing skills training videos from leading training video producers. But first register to get free ideas and tools for creating a better workplace.

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Do I Know You? Defining, Discovering, and Deciding Whom to Hire - Interviewing and Hiring Skills

Too often we make the mistake of thinking that hiring decisions are based on some event, like a good interview or great first impression. But they’re not. See, interviewing and hiring the right new employee for your organization is not just about finding someone, it’s about getting to know them.

Like forming any good new relationship, successful hiring decisions are really based on a combination of facts and feelings, of analyzing the information you’ve gathered, and listening to what your intuition is telling you. In other words … Interviewing is a process, not an event. There are three simple steps you can follow to help you find and get to know that perfect new employee. They’re called the "Three D’s".

Key Learning Points:

  • Define—Identify must have’s & must do’s. Get to know your new employee before you ever meet them.
  • Discover—Conduct Successful Interviews. The good candidates can do, the right one will do.
  • Decide—Make the Right Choice The real job of hiring is hiring for the job. How to create shared vision

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Beginning Employment Relationships

Part of the Millennium Leadership Capsules for the21st Century.

The 21st century organization requires different kinds of relationships with employees. Topics include: Employment interviews. What you need to know about ... the position you're hiring for; the candidate you're interviewing; yourself. Preparing for the interview. The interview. The leader's responsibility.

This program can be previewed online. Please send your request and information to

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Interviewing for a Job or Career

This Video is part of the Employee Awareness Series -Vol. 6.

The prospect of having a job or promotion can be very exciting. Learning how to write a resume and cover letter that attract the attention of the employer is vital in getting an interview. Learn the many resources to help you with your job search. Learn the secrets of how to stand out and show how you are different from the other applicants. Gain insight into the most common questions an interviewer will ask you. Very handy project for promotion seekers. This DVD is rich in diversity and promotes confidence and motivation..
Duration:11:50 min. Purchase this video along with the two other titles in this volume: Go Green, Save Green plus Acclimating to a Successful Company- All for $295.00
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Safe Hiring: How You Can Avoid Bad Hires


Tips for screening out problem candidates and performing legal background checks.

These are tough times for employers. You can be held responsible if you knew or should have known that someone you hired might pose an undue threat of financial or even physical harm to others. Yet, during the hiring process, you are required to navigate through a number of legal guidelines that are in place to protect the privacy of your applicants.

In this HR video, you'll follow the fictional story of a company that makes a bad hire, and discover the steps they decide to put in place to ensure it doesn't happen again. Our narrator is Lester S. Rosen, an attorney specializing in both criminal law and pre-employment background screening. As the story unfolds, Les explains the details of an effective safe hiring process, and sheds light on the legal background that you need to know.

Viewers of this HR video will learn:

  • What to look for on application forms, and why it's a bad idea to rely on resumes alone. 
  • Five powerful interview questions that will identify applicants who have something they're trying to hide.
  • Why you need to check references every time even when you can't get many details from former employers.
  • What kinds of background checks you should consider, and how to stay within legal guidelines if you make them.
  • How to keep the costs of safe hiring practices low, and what things you can do yourself with very little added time or effort.

Length 23 minutes

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