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'Management and Supervisory Skills'

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Below is a collection of management development training videos, supervisory training videos, and new manager/ new supervisor training videos. Call us for a free preview.

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Meeting the Criteria For A Meeting

It can be said most meetings are often worthless and counterproductive, often contributing to stresses of time management. Inefficient meetings cost organizations billions of dollars each year in otherwise productive employee work time. We should re-think "when" and "how" to have a meeting. From conceiving an idea, writing an agenda, conducting a meeting to composing the minutes...gain insights (as well as templates) on how to engage and best utilize the time of the attendees.
Duration: 20:15 min. This DVD is part of the PowerSplash Time and Stress Management Series (vol.4) which includes this DVD plus 2 other DVDs: “Managing Ourselves in a Timely Manner” and “Relax, Refocus, Rejoin: Two Minute Mental Break”.
For a full description of the DVDs in this volume, see
Price of the whole volume $299

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The Encouraging Manager

The multiple award winning Encouraging Manager, explores what it takes to create an environment where everyone can do their best, without fear. This U.S. International Film and Video Festival "Silver Screen Award" winning, and N.Y. International Film Video Festival program finalist offers clever workplace scenarios, often humorous visuals, and simple yet powerful training points anyone can relate to.

Practical action steps help every viewer, from the newly promoted supervisor to the seasoned manager, create a workplace where employees feel empowered, informed, and invaluable. By the program's conclusion, participants will understand the far-reaching impact their encouraging actions can have on others.

The Encouraging Manager is a comprehensive training package. Included is a leader's guide, participant workbook, PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM, and 10 pocket reminder cards — everything you need to begin training. If you desire a workplace of creative, enthusiastic team members who work together well and excel individually, order The Encouraging Manager to help your managers and supervisors on their way.

Key Learning Points:


  • Encourage employees to participate fully in problem-solving.
  • Demonstrate respect for employees' opinions.
  • Put employees' good ideas into action


  • Set a tone of honest, open communication.
  • Keep employees in the loop with regular updates.
  • Make sure employees know what is expected of them.


  • Recognize and show appreciation for employees’ initiative.
  • Maintain a mutually respectful relationship with each employee.
  • Tell employees that you value their contributions.

Rent DVD for $295.00

Purchase DVD for $395.00

20% discount on purchase price available for government, education, nonprofits and consultants. Discount applied as eligible orders are settled.


A Manager's Guide - 2 Programs

A Manager's Guide

First Program: Surviving the Slings & Arrows

Second Program: To Lead Or Not To Lead

A Manager'sGuide, is an excellent overview of the fundamental skills needed to survive and thrive in today's complex work environments.

Using the casting and rehearsal of a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet as a backdrop, this 2-program series provides an entertaining overview of the essential skills needed by both new and more experienced managers. A team of experts reinforces the key learning points.

Each program addresses 5 critical subject areas and presents 3 key learning points in each area.

The video programs run 25 minutes each. While we recommend using the full series, each program can stand alone as a complete, separate training resource. The programs come with a comprehensive facilitation package including reproducible handouts.

We have also created handy credit card size Gold Cards that you can purchase for your managers. Each 2-sided card includes the 30 key learning points presented in the programs. They make an attractive and convenient reference or reminder tool.

These programs can be delivered a number of ways. Contact us for details on broadcast licenses or computer network delivery options.

Program Objectives

A Manager's Guide is intended to provide new and experienced managers in public and private sector organizations with an overview of the fundamental skills needed to be successful in the work they do.

There are two programs in the series:
Program 1 - Surviving the Slings & Arrows focuses on the skills needed to navigate the legal and behavioral challenges managers can face.
Program 2 - To Lead Or Not To Lead takes a look at the communication, organizational and leadership skills managers need to excel.

After viewing Program 1 and working through the material in the Facilitation Guide, participants should understand:

  • Appropriate & effective hiring practices
  • EEO compliance issues
  • How to handle workplace harassment
  • Respectful termination procedures
  • Performance management fundamentals

After viewing Program 2 and working through the printed support materials, participants should understand:

  • Fundamentals of effective communication
  • How to be a supportive coach
  • Conflict management dos and don'ts
  • Basic time management concepts
  • The keys to being an effective leader

Support Materials

A Manager's Guide comes with a comprehensive Facilitator's Guide that includes handouts. When you license the programs, QMR grants you permission to make copies of these printed handouts for your organization's training use.

Program Contents

The programs combine dramatized scenarios that demonstrate the key learning points in each section and expert commentaries that underscore and reinforce the training.

The dramatizations are set against a backdrop of the rehearsal of a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The interactions between the play's director and actors serve as a dramatic metaphor for the kinds of situations managers are likely to face in their work environments.

The facilitation materials offer several approaches to using the programs. The training can be 2-4 hours or longer depending on the exercises and activities you choose to use. We also offer a self-study track for organizations that prefer that option for their managers or supervisors.

Purchase One Program $625.00 each

Schools, colleges, not-for-profits and governments special price . $500.00 each

Purchase Program 1 and Program 2 for $1062.50

5-Day DVD Rental $295

This series (A Manager's Guide) is available for streamed learning.

For a free preview or to receive more information on streamed learning, please send your request and information to


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