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'Mentoring Training Videos'

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Below is a collection of mentoring training videos. Mentoring training videos are available for a free preview. Please note that coaching has its own dedicated page titled "Coaching."

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The Leader as Mentor- Part of the Millennium Leadership Capsules

The Leader as Mentor: In the fast changing world of the new organization, mentoring has become essential for preserving and passing down the history, culture and experience senior managers have accumulated.

Topics include:
  • Mentoring in the 21st century organization.
  • What does a mentor do?
  • Effective mentoring.
  • Getting started.
  • The leader as mentor.

The Leader as Mentor comes complete with a 3 part Guide Booklet. Part 1 lays out ideas for reflection about mentoring. Part 2 is a self-study guide with questions to focus learning. Part 3 offers activities and exercises for use in facilitated training. The Guide Booklet can be reproduced to provide each participant with support materials at no additional charge.

Leader as Mentor Video and Guide

Special discount of $100 per video purchase applies to this video for the month of December 2011. Please place the order at the regular price and we'll apply the additional discount of $100 per video as we settle the order and will send an adjusted invoice showing the actual price paid.

Purchase for $625.00

Government, Non-profits and Education get 20% discout. Purchase Price $500.00 Discount will be applied to eligible orders upon settling

Rent it for 5 days for $295.00

This program is available for streamed learning.

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    Insights to Better Mentoring

    Mentoring is critical in today's organizations, but how do you learn to be a better mentor? What about the people being mentored — the mentees? How can they maximize the benefits of the time they invest? Insights to Better Mentoring is an educational video that presents 4 successful mentors and their mentees in a revealing and insightful exposé of what works best in these complex but essential relationships.

    We'll explore effective mentoring with the help of a senior executive at Costco Wholesale, the Chief Information Officer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., a Fire Chief and a Superior Court Judge. This diverse and fascinating collection of mentors and their mentees will demonstrate the 4 Pillars of effective mentoring and provide insights that will improve any mentoring relationship in any organization

    Mentoring comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Some organizations have structured programs that pair mentors and mentees and set out an agenda for them. Others have less formal approaches, facilitating and supporting mentoring relationships but not defining them. Regardless of the way mentoring is structured, there are certain fundamentals that will make these relationships more effective. That is what we seek to explore in Insights to Better Mentoring.

    • 26 minutes - available in English or Spanish
    • Available via online streamed delivery or on DVD or VHS video
    • A comprehensive facilitation package accompanies the program and includes a facilitator's guide, PowerPoint slides, reproducible handouts and program transcripts

    This program is available for streamed learning

    Special discount of $100 per video purchase applies to this product for the month of December 2011. Please place the order at the regular price and we'll apply the additional discount of $100 per video as we settle the order and will send an adjusted invoice showing the actual price paid.

    Purchase for $625.00

    Schools, Colleges, Non-profits and governments receive a special 20% discount. Price $500.00 Discount will be applied to eligible orders upon settling. 

    Rent DVD for 5 days for $295.00

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    Becoming a Mentor: A Video - Based Workshop - Watch Mentoring Done Right! - BEST SELLER

    Although the primary audience are mentors and mentees, this video will serve as a very useful introduction to acquaint others with the complete mentor role, such as executives, coordinators of programs, supervisors of mentees, and administrative personnel. The video can be shown as a general overview, as well as presented in modules during continuing training seminars in order to study the six dimensions as separate behavioral functions.

    Specific Value for Mentors

    As a method of learning, the video specifically:

    • Highlights the key concept and essential mentor behaviors of each separate mentoring dimension
    • Demonstrates the complete mentor role by portraying mentors simulating all six mentoring interpersonal dimensions
    • Illustrates that the complete mentor role is a balanced approach which mentors can learn and apply to developing mentoring relationships
    • Emphasizes both verbal and nonverbal mentor behaviors
    • Communicates the critical point that adult mentoring is an evolving process of active and reflective learning, not just a series of separate, unrelated, or fragmented meetings
    • Creates realistic scenes of mentor-mentee interaction based on principles of adult mentoring advocated in HRD materials
    Specific Value for Mentees:

    Mentees will be able to share in simulated mentoring experiences by:

    • Observing competent professionals utilizing the specific behavioral skills required of mentors
    • Watching informed mentees responding appropriately to the interpersonal behaviors of effective mentors
    • Seeing mentees performing in the critical role of collaborative partners
    • Integrated Source of Learning.

    The uniform pattern of information ensures that Becoming a Mentor, the Participant Workbook, and all the components of The Complete Mentoring Program can be smoothly and effectively integrated into training workshops, as well as easily accessed by individuals or mentoring pairs who are using these materials to pursue self-directed learning activities.

    This workshop includes 6 DVD videos; each one demonstrating an essential mentor skill set. The leaders guide with CD containing power point slides provides instructor lesson plans with experiential activities to supplement video learning.

    Purchase Becoming A Mentor Video-based workshop for $795.00

    30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee.

    Purchase additional workbooks for $39.95 each

    Click for More Info on Becoming a Mentor's Six Videos

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    The Gift of Learning: A Great Meeting Opener on the Value of Mentoring

    The value of the mentoring relationship is highlighted in this warm first-person narrative of a boy trying to learn woodworking. Supervisors and trainers will be challenged to consider the human aspect of the training process, and will understand how a caring relationship with trainees is a key to successful learning.

    Learning Goals

    • To understand the value of the mentoring relationship, from the perspective of both the mentor and the protege.
    • To be reminded of the nature of learning, how we learn best when shown through a "hands-on" approach.
    • To be challenged to discover the joy of selflessly giving of ourselves in order to help others succeed.
    • To understand the importance of recognizing those who have thoughtfully mentored us, and show our appreciation by doing the same for others.

    Length: 5 minutes
    Purchase VHS Price: $295.00

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